Our obligations and privacy policy

Privacy Policy

ARTINO guitar school protects the privacy of all users of their Internet application (hereinafter: Internet application) and protects personal data of Internet application users. Our internet application is designed for people of all ages and serves exclusively in educational purpose. You can access this internet app only by opening an account with your own by personal email address. The information provided to us is stored on our server, and can be accessed by our employees, state bodies, our legal followers and the persons we hire to process data on our behalf. The content of our Internet application is on the server, and the stated contents can not and must not be removed, parts are not transported.

Multimedia content of the Artino guitar school encourages the gradual development of guitar mechanics through a series of audio-video sequences that at the same time organize your training. The lessons are played slowly, at several different speeds, which allows understanding and gradual exercise.

  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Learn to use your right hand without pick
  • Overcome reading notes and tablature