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Updated last time: 19.01.2018

Ownership of content

Internet applications and all texts, interactive questionnaires, notepads, audio and video material on this internet application (hereinafter: Content) are copyright or ownership of Artino guitar school or are placed on the internet application with the permission of the owner or authorized right holder.

Artino school guitar consists of a total of 6 levels, with contents distributed by year (total of 6), which you can use for a limited period of time by buying coupons, for example. from the day of activating the order and purchase of the school year, until the next year at the same time.

Use of the Content, except in the manner described in these Terms of Use, without the written permission of the Content Owner is strictly prohibited. Artino guitar school will protect its copyright, its intellectual property rights and other related rights, as well as other rights, to the extent permitted by law, including prosecution.

Application Usage Terms

Thank you for visiting our internet application. Your access, as well as the use of our Internet application (hereinafter: internet application), is subject to these terms of use and applicable legal regulations governing this domain.

By accessing and using the internet application, you accept without limitation these Terms of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use without limitation, please leave the Internet application.

Changing Terms of Use

ARTINO guitar school can change these terms of use at any time by updating this text.

Refund a Course

All courses purchased on Artino internet application can be refunded within 7 (in letters: seven) working days from the moment of the purchase of the course.

Please note, however, that refunds are only available for courses purchased on the Artin

Reasons for Denied Refunds

While our 7 working day refund policy is in place to protect students, we must also protect our team from fraud and provide a reasonable payment schedule. Payments are sent to our team after 7 working days, so we will not process refund requests received after the refund window.

If more than 20% of our course content was downloaded before the refund was requested, the refund request may be rejected.

Finally, students who purchase and refund multiple courses over an extended period may be subject to suspension for abuse of the refund policy.

Refunds for Courses Purchased Through Third Party

If you purchased the course through a third party vendor, unfortunately, we cannot process your refund. Since we did not process the original payment, we do not have the transaction on file, and cannot initiate a refund for you. Please contact the third party vendor directly to request a refund.

If you have any additional questions about the process, please reach out to our payment processing team directly. They can be reached at office@artinoguitar.com.

Multimedia content of the Artino guitar school encourages the gradual development of guitar mechanics through a series of audio-video sequences that at the same time organize your training. The lessons are played slowly, at several different speeds, which allows understanding and gradual exercise.

  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Learn to use your right hand without pick
  • Overcome reading notes and tablature