Welcome to
Artino School

An interactive program for learning to play classical guitar


is a online learning platform for guitar playing followed by lessons with multimedia and interactive content.

Artino builds a music foundation that allows you to move on to professional music and does not require any pre-knowledge.

Simply and easily learn to play traditional melodies from around the world.

Multimedia content of the Artino guitar school encourages the gradual development of guitar mechanics through a series of audio-video sequences that at the same time organize your training. The lessons are played slowly, at several different speeds, which allows understanding and gradual exercise.

  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Learn to use your right hand without pick
  • Overcome reading notes and tablature

The best part is that we offer you several levels / years that are intended for both absolute beginners and professionals who want to improve their techniques. From the beginner lessons to learn notes, to playing complex songs, adapted to all ages, as well as the pace of work you define yourself.

Total number of courses 6